Wind Damage Repair Services for Homeowners in Appleton, WI

Wind Damage Repair Appleton WIA nice cool breeze on a hot summer day can be one of the most pleasant and invigorating things in the world. However, the wind is not always a gentle, refreshing force. Oftentimes, it can be incredibly destructive, especially here in the Appleton, Wisconsin, area. If a portion of your home’s exterior has been damaged by wind in a recent storm—whether your roof, your siding, or your gutters—you can turn to the professionals at American Modern Exteriors for storm damage repair services. Since 2014, we’ve helped countless homeowners throughout northeast Wisconsin restore their homes to pre-storm condition and we’d love to assist you in your time of need.

We’re Well-Versed in Wind Damage

As locals, we know firsthand just how intense the wind can get in this part of Wisconsin. Throughout our years in the storm damage restoration business, we’ve seen all different types of wind damage, including:

  • Curled or lifted shingles – Whether they’re curling or jutting straight up, lifted shingles need to be addressed right away as they provide an entry point for water to infiltrate your roofing system and cause damage to the underlayment and decking.
  • Missing shingles – Strong enough winds can cause shingles to detach entirely from your roof, which, if not replaced, will cause adjacent shingles to come loose over time.
  • Loose or missing siding – Wind can often cause more lightweight siding materials like vinyl to come loose or to be torn away altogether.
  • Gutter damage – Even when properly affixed to your home, sections of your gutter system can be ripped clear off by heavy winds.
  • Soffit and fascia damage – It’s not uncommon for heavy wind to damage soffit panels, and often, when gutters are torn off, portions of the fascia are damaged as well.

Not only is our team skilled in identifying and documenting wind damage, but we can also help you through the insurance claims process to try to get as many of your repairs covered as possible. And, once your insurance claim has been processed, we can complete the repair work for you—whether you need a whole new roof or just some new shingles, a few siding panels, or an entire wall’s worth.

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“The roofers were top notch and I would recommend him for your roofing needs.”