Navigating Your Insurance Claim

Step 1: Contact a Qualified Contractor

This can be one of the most crucial steps in the entire process.  We strongly urge property owners to do your homework, check credentials, and make sure the contractor you have assisting you with your claim is familiar with storm damage insurance claims – most contractors are NOT. This is the person that will be the go-between with you and your insurance.  Choose them wisely!

Step 2: File a Claim With Your Insurance Company

There are a couple of ways to complete this step. You can either call your insurance agent who can then contact the appropriate parties to open your claim or you can call your insurance carrier’s claims phone number and they can immediately assist you.  We urge all homeowners to call the insurance carriers claims number simply because it is the quickest, simplest way to get your claim filed and opened.  Some insurance companies now offer the option of filing insurance claims online.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment With the Insurance Adjuster

After your claim has been filed and opened, your insurance company will have their claims adjuster contact you to schedule a time to inspect the damage. This step can vary from company to company and each adjuster schedules their appointments differently.  Instead of giving you a set time they will be there, they might give you an approximate window of time that they plan on stopping. If this is the case you should give them your contractor’s phone number to ensure that they can be present.

Step 4: Adjustment and Scoping Damage

After your insurance adjuster and contractor meet, they should be in agreement on the scope of damages that your insurance is going to compensate and cover.  It is possible that items can be missed by the adjuster and if this problem should occur, your contractor can request for supplements or a re-adjustment for the missing items.  Any additional payout would be added to the depreciation portion of your claim.  At the commencement of this appointment, your contractor and adjuster should cover the payout and compensation portion of your insurance claim.

Step 5: Scheduling and Production

Within 3 days of your claim being accepted and process by your insurance company we will schedule your job out for you and cover any questions and decisions that you need to make. Materials arrive a day prior to work being started.  Most jobs are completed in a matter of a day or two.  Upon the project being completed, we will submit an invoice to your insurance company requesting that they release the final payment or depreciation.  We wait until you receive this payment to square away on the final bill.


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